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Year 5 paint on papyrus and construct land yachts

To enrich the children’s understanding of the Ancient Egyptians, the ancient tomb paintings of Nebamun’s tomb were studied. They were able to look inside the tomb via an online virtual tour. Having discovered how the paintings were executed and discussed the style, the children chose a favourite image and sketched it onto papyrus paper. They mixed colours ensuring they were authentic and added gold hieroglyphs. They were able to work with precision just like the ancient Egyptians painters of the past. If you are interested, the tomb paintings are on display in the British Museum in room 61.

Meanwhile in DT, the children have continued to construct their land yachts. Last week, they decided on its shape, whether it be square or rectangular, thin or wide. This week, they have applied their previous knowledge of using junior hacksaws to construct a secure chassis with stripwood. The children, have also learnt how to work safely with glue guns to secure each piece of stripwood to their plastic board. Next week, they will be adding wheels!

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