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Year 5 - Preparing for Senior School

In our final few days of Year 5, there is much to be proud of and to reflect upon. The children have gained hugely in maturity and independence. They are already preparing for their transition to Senior School, not just Year 6! They know what they need for lessons. They have seamlessly taken responsibility for their Chromebooks, always ensuring they are available for every lesson, fully charged and are used productively. They have learnt some useful lessons on managing their online presence and ensuring they are safe.

Furthermore, they have taken ownership of their learning and handled the curriculum demands of Year 5 with ease. They have developed effective strategies for overcoming challenges and are eager to venture beyond their comfort zones. With confidence and efficiency, they are capable of concentrating on their work.

There is much to look forward to next year. The Trip to France being a highlight but also countless Enrichment Days, trips, fixtures, Music events, their end of year production, Transition Events, Careers Day to name but a few!

During the Summer Term, the art room has been all about colour! The children have learned to mix colours, use warm and cool colours, as well as complimentary colours in their work, and have been inspired by the wonderful paintings of Henri Matisse. Look out for their amazing still life pictures of a fish bowl and plants.

For our Design Technology students, there have been many achievements to reflect upon. The children have learnt new woodworking skills in order to design and construct land yachts. The highlight was the testing stage, where, with a little help from Mr. Phil and a leaf blower, the children tested their land yachts on the playground. The Mexican textile industry was our next topic, with the children enjoying learning how to use the relief printing techniques to create Aztec designs on recycled fabrics. We continued with the textiles theme for the Take One Picture project; the children cut patterns and practised their sewing skills in order to create joyful toy monkeys, birds and tigers. Most recently, we have linked to Science and learnt how to build electrical lighting circuits. It has been a busy year and I am looking forward to teaching your children again in Year 6.

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