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Year 5 settle into their new routine… and learn German

The Year 5s have had a lot on their plate with the start of the new school year. As well as new planners, uniform, lockers and classmates to get used to, they have had to move around the school each day to find each of their different subject lessons. ‘Where are we going next?’ has probably been the most common question amongst them since starting back. However, among such an enthusiastic and friendly bunch, there’s always someone on the ball to lead them in the right direction.

As for their MFL lessons this autumn term, ‘Herr Lloyd’ is introducing the Year 5s to the German language, in order to broaden their language and cultural studies. They have begun by reflecting on what they already know about Germany (car brands, cities, etc.) and may be asking family members if they know anything about things German. They have also started practising some numbers and greetings, as well as asking and giving names. What German things (or people) can you think of? DL

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