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Year 6 discover the events that led up to the World War One

One of the most satisfying rewards of being a teacher is to see how children take your initial learning intention, read, research and then create an outcome that is far more creative or imaginative than you had ever anticipated!

Over the course of the last six weeks, Year 6 have delighted me with their interpretations and outcomes of learning. Some children have been inspired to write poetry, others stories, drawings, slide presentations, research documents and games.

The classes discovered the events that led up to World War One and how the assassination of the heir to the Austria- Hungarian throne, sparked the beginning of the war.

For such a challenging focus, I have been really impressed by the children’s ability to understand and absorb just what occurred.

We have looked at alliances and how these may have been one of the reasons for the war starting.

Looking into a soldier’s day, children have described life on the Western Front – investigating historical information which will come alive when the children visit the trenches of WW1 in their forthcoming visit to France.

Millions of animals worked alongside the human soldiers during the war and so we have explored the different roles they have played in communication, transport, morale and life saving

Even elephants played their part in the war effort!

You can see some images of the work which explain daily life and how people supported the war effort.

As we conclude our studies, we examine the Treaty of Versailles and the end of the war that affected so many lives across Europe.

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