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Year 6 write short accounts of their own lives

Last week, as part of their study of autobiography and biography, Year 6 have written short accounts of their own lives and created some very creative front covers for their book.

They have also decided what the critics might say and decided on some ‘blurb’ for the back of their book.

This week, they are writing a biography of JK Rowling. The children have been encouraged to decide which they think are the key facts and then to choose two aspects of her life that might particularly interest the reader.These have then been researched.

They have also practised how to vary their sentence beginnings, using fronted adverbials which have enabled them to produce a fluent piece of work with the facts recorded in chronological order. Some of this work will be available to view in T3. Please do come and enjoy it!

As you may remember, we are reading Roald Dahl’s autobiography and I would remind you of our planned walk to Angling Woods on Tuesday 1st October. The children will be writing a chapter from a book, that centres on a wood. They will draw their inspiration from our trip and a reading of an extract from Danny Champion of the World.

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