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Year 6 are learning Latin!

Year 6 are learning Latin! During Classics lessons, they have been following a Primary Latin course that introduces the language ,whilst teaching them about aspects of ancient Roman life. This includes, school, the baths, the villa, shopping and society during the Empire. The children have acquired a lot of vocabulary already and can put together some sentences. Why not ask them?

We are also watching a dramatisation of the lead up to the volcanic eruption at Pompeii in AD 79. This is a very good depiction of daily life and the way in which the Romans viewed events, as dictated by the gods or as the result of various superstitions. It is important for the children to learn to look at things through other people’s ‘eyes’ and understand that thinking in ancient worlds was very different from ours.

I have recommended that they might like to visit Cirencester museum and villa and the Roman Baths in Bath. Perhaps as a family outing during the holidays? Pompeii is rather further to go!

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