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Year 6 - Card club

The school closure has brought us all many challenges and surprises, not to mention the many moments of hilarity. Perhaps one of our greatest challenges has been to offer the children enjoyable and stimulating after school activities. As a huge card games enthusiast, I had thought that running a cards club would be really good fun. However, I must admit that my confidence drained a little when I realised I would be running the club online! I needn’t have worried. With their usual enthusiasm and can-do attitude, the Gateway children signed up and appeared on screen, ready to learn. I was very lucky to have two fellow cards enthusiasts with me after school and with their help, everyone managed to learn and play three different types of patience and five other card games. The children at home played patience along with us and learnt the other games by watching us play so that they could play the games later with their families. By placing the computer so that the children could see our table, the online learners could see exactly which cards were laid and get involved with our decision making. I can honestly say that running and participating in the club has been huge fun. We are all eagerly anticipating meeting next week for a games tournament in person!

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