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Year 6 - Channelling the Elizabethans

In recent weeks, Year 6 have been honing their understanding of fractions. They worked hard to employ a methodical approach when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. The children extended their knowledge of how to successfully tackle word problems by drawing bar models. They learnt that diagrams are a really helpful way to make sense of a complex word problem. The unit of work culminated in the children creating a poster showing guided examples of how to use all four operations to perform calculations involving fractions. Lessons this week have seen the children moving onto a new topic. They have been learning how to describe positions in all four areas of a coordinate grid, translating and reflecting 2d shapes, and developing mathematical vocabulary to describe them.

In Science, Year 6’s classification topic is now drawing to a close. The children have completed their mould experiments. The noises coming from the lab as the children recorded their results was a reflection of how impressive some findings were! To end the topic, the children have enjoyed creating their own Kahoot quizzes, the highlight was to play each others.

In Computing, the pupils have been working hard to collate content for their websites. They have made video interviews of staff, created interactive maps, written articles about subjects and now all know the school font.

Following our ‘Tudor’ trip to the Globe and the Golden Hinde, Year 6 have been putting their knowledge of Elizabethan ships to good use in exploring why the Spanish Armada was unsuccessful. They took on the roles of King Philip of Spain, Queen Elizabeth I and English and Spanish sailors (with some tremendous Spanish and upper class English accents) to discuss the different factors leading to the Spanish defeat. Our journalists’ interviews of the key players in the conflict contained some very probing questions: “Were you successful because God was on your side?”, “What effect did the different layout of the Spanish and British ships have on the outcome?”, and, to King Philip, “Did you try to invade just because Queen Elizabeth didn’t want to marry you?”

Geography lessons have been no less exciting. Our Year 6 pupils have been honing their map-reading skills (including using 6-figure grid references) to explore the different features of the River Thames. We hope that they will be able to put those map-reading skills to good practical use in ‘Farm School’ next term.

Year 6 have been working like the Tudor limner, Nicholas Hilliard, in Art this week. They had to work with a sharp pencil and tiny brush to produce a high level of detail on a tiny scale.

In Design and Technology, pupils have been making architectural models of Tudor buildings. We are now at the exciting final stage of placing the buildings together in order to create a street scene. There has been much debate amongst the children regarding the naming of their streets, with 6FG opting for ‘Gallop Street’ in honour of their Form Tutor.

The Year 6 pupils have written (in French) and sent off letters to introduce themselves to their new French penpals recently. They also created and sent off a Christmas card including French Christmas greetings phrases. This week, they have been excited to receive their first letter from their French penpals and to learn a bit about them and their families. They will be writing again in the Spring Term.

Year 6 have also been practising their French song, ‘Les 12 Jours de Noël’, diligently for the imminent Carol Concert. They can’t wait to perform it, and their other songs, for parents at the concert! They have also been practising and learning another song, ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ in French.

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