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Year 6 create French Trip scrapbooks and answer a questionnaire

Our Year 6 pupils came back from France a few weeks ago full of high spirits and fun tales to tell of their adventures. Since then, as we all know, they have been putting most of their energy into rehearsing for next week’s performances of ‘Honk!’ In between times, they have also been industriously creating scrapbooks, which should serve as wonderful momentos of their week away together.

Monsieur Lloyd also asked them to complete a questionnaire about the trip to seek their opinions about the various aspects of the trip. Regarding on-site activities, it appears that crate stacking and canoeing were the most popular pursuits, with archery and zip wire close behind. As for excursions, the most popular were the visit to the French market (Who doesn’t like spending other people’s money!) and our WWI learning day; the Vimy Ridge preserved bunkers and monument, and the Wellington Quarry tunnels.

Here are a few of the Year 6 pupils’ insightful comments and opinions about some of the elements of the trip:

‘I really liked the food at the Château because it was like home, though I didn’t like the sandwiches that we had for pack lunches because I don’t like butter but the Saucisse de Toulouse was delicious.’

‘I enjoyed Nausicaä as there were some amazing fish and the facts on the walls were very interesting. I also really liked the sea lion show as the tricks they did were awesome.’

‘I especially liked the Gateway’s Got Talent. I was in two of the acts and it was just as fun watching the other people as it was performing myself. The fact that some of the teachers were acting as the judges was really funny, along with Mr Lloyd’s jokes! The evening I probably couldn’t forget!’

‘My favourite trip was to the market because we had the chance to speak lots of French (which our group did).’

‘Before I came to the Château I was nervous that I wouldn’t like any of the meals because some could be French that I probably hadn’t tried before, but they were very nice. I had the potato gratin which was delicious.’

‘I really liked our coach driver Wayne. Not only was he polite, like any other coach driver, but he told us lots of history of the places we went to even though he didn’t need to do it. He was also very funny at times!’

‘One of my memorable moments was when Frazer went down the Zip wire singing the Peppa Pig theme tune. The other one was when we were trying the snails at the snail farm, because as they tried them everyone pulled a weird face (including me).’

‘I really enjoyed my week in France! I really liked my dorm, and overall, it was a very pleasant trip!’

‘I thought it was really good and I would like to go again with my friends.’

‘No. I found the french trip perfect as it was.’

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