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Year 6 - Engineering and MFL

On Wednesday, Year 6 enjoyed a combined Engineering and MFL day:

For the Engineering element, Year 6 pupils investigated the role of engineers and the wide ranging sectors within the industry. Pupils focused on automotive engineering, learning about the safety features of modern motor vehicles. This culminated in pupils designing and making their own model cars, incorporating roll cages and crumple zones, then crashing a truck into their models to judge who had built the safest design.

Combining French Day with Engineering Day, literally, Mr Lloyd set our Year 6 pupils the fun (and occasionally frustrating) challenge of constructing an Eiffel Tower model out of spaghetti and mini marshmallows. There were many excellent attempts, although the Italian spaghetti link often came to the fore with several 'leaning towers'! We also enjoyed watching a very entertaining and imaginative animated French film called 'A Town Called Panic' ('Panique au Village') whilst munching on some 'croissants et pains au chocolats'. Vive la France!

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