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Year 6 - Goodbye and good luck!

Year 6 have ended their final term at Gateway with a bang! They have thoroughly enjoyed visiting their senior schools for induction days, rehearsing for their long anticipated play and demonstrating their skills at sports day. They should be incredibly proud of their accomplishments and the legacy that they leave behind at Gateway School.

In Maths this term the children have been looking at 3D shapes and nets. They have created wonderful tessellating patterns and have enjoyed tackling many problem solving activities. They have explored the infinite nature of shapes when looking at patterns in designs.

In English, the children have just finished their unit based on Skellig by David Almond. They were completely engrossed by the story and have produced some wonderful writing based on what they have read. They also had the opportunity to dissect owl pellets in class. They painstakingly used toothpicks to remove the dirt and fur from the bones and worked meticulously to arrange the bones they found to recreate the skeletons of the various animals discovered inside each pellet. It was a joy to watch the wonder and awe on their faces while they worked.

This half term the children have been working on Scratch coding. It has been lovely to see the children working collaboratively to solve problems and develop their understanding. They have worked hard to produce games that they are keen to share with each other.

All the staff at Gateway School wish Year 6 all the very best of luck and happiness in the future as they take the next exciting step on their educational journey.

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