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Year 6 - High voltage inventions

In Science Year 6 have been learning about electricity. They have learnt the symbols used in electrical diagrams, built their own electrical circuits and looked at the pros and cons of series and parallel circuits. Using all the knowledge that they have gained over previous weeks the children were given the task of designing an invention that used an electrical circuit. They had to give a rationale about the circuit they were using and why, for example, you might use a series circuit because it is easier to fix if something goes wrong.

This week they have been bringing their inventions to life. It has been great to see the imagination, ingenuity and resilience of the children. They have modified their designs to make them work more effectively. For example one child was making a spinning picture. The motor was spinning too fast so she reduced the number of cells that she was using. It was lovely to hear the explanation for this, ‘with fewer cells there is less voltage so less power to the motor’.

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