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Year 6 - It's good to keep puzzling!

Our Year 6 children have made a super start back to the Autumn term! Many have begun taking on extra responsibilities across the school and are enjoying these new roles, in particular forming the School Parliament. We have already kick-started the term with our new topics in lessons and taking part in school sports fixtures. The children enjoyed dressing up in 1960s inspired outfits for History Day. In English, the themed Roald Dahl walk brought to life the book 'Boy' which they are studying in English.

Having completed their exams, the children in Year 6 have been rewarded with a week of Inspirational Maths. The key theme to this learning has been that ‘It’s good to keep puzzling!’. The children have been testing their Maths and perseverance skills on several challenges, such as making all the numbers from 1-20 using only four 4s. Working cooperatively with others has also been a key focus and the children have been demonstrating strong leadership and teamwork ability. They were fascinated by research, published by Stanford University, that proves everyone can learn and be good at maths: hopefully a key message to take away from this topic of learning.

The Year 6 children have enjoyed the start of this term's book, ‘Boy’ by Roald Dahl. Together, we have considered what an autobiography is and how ‘Boy’ slightly differs to others they may have read. Based on Roald Dahl’s boyhood experiences of a sweetshop, the children have written vivid descriptions, using hyperbole and powerful vocabulary, of imaginary sweets they have created. The children greatly enjoyed our walk through and around Great Missenden, seeing some of the places that inspired Dahl. In the woods above Dahl’s home, the children hunted for colours, created natural art pieces and enjoyed a well earned biscuit break.

The children have made a positive start with their Science learning this term. We are now well into our Electricity topic and the children have been enthusiastically constructing working circuits, using a variety of components. They have learnt what is meant by a ‘complete circuit’ and are becoming increasingly confident with recognising and using electrical symbols.

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