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Year 6 learn to be a bit closer to friends

Most of the Year 6 children are back in school now and they have really enjoyed their first week back after isolation at home. But it hasn’t been quite the same as “the old days”. They have quickly got used to the “current normal” with lots of new guidelines and practices. Of course they have had to keep their distance from each other, queue up patiently to wash hands, and regularly wipe down tables and equipment. They have also shown great maturity and flexibility in following yet another timetable and being in smaller class “bubbles”. No school uniform and packed lunches have been quite popular.

Here are some of their responses when I asked them what they had found strange about coming back, and what they had enjoyed most after their extended spell at home:

“It’s been great to see my friends, but a bit strange not to be with family.”

“It has been weird having to shout over to some friends who aren’t in my group at break time.”

“It has been strange, but also enjoyable, to walk along the bottom path to and from the Link Road car park with two metres between everyone.”

“I’ve enjoyed working independently on some of the projects in the afternoons.”

“It has been strange being at school without my brother.”

“I’ve enjoyed the Art work and the Scratch coding in Computing.”

“It feels much more normal, but a bit strange seeing friends live, as opposed to virtually!”

“I enjoyed our LFL lesson about body image and self-esteem.”

“It has been strange being in different and smaller Year 6 groups.”

“I like doing my MFL project work, especially about the foods of France and Japan.”

“It has been a bit strange working at a table facing the wall.”

“I liked making an origami cat and dog in Art”

“I’m enjoying reading more ‘Skellig’ in English, it’s a really good book”.

“The social distancing and not being able to play tag is a bit weird.”

“I enjoyed learning how to put a formula into a spreadsheet and the spirolaterals work.”

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