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Year 6 let their imaginations flow as they read David Almond's Skellig

Year 6 are reading Skellig by David Almond. It is a story with many themes and provokes much philosophical and scientific thinking. When a young boy steps into a derelict garage and finds a creature hiding there, we wonder who he can be? This book challenges the children to ask many questions about life and death.

So far, they have imagined the garage and using phrases from the text, have created some lovely charcoal drawings now on display in the classroom. They have also written highly descriptive pieces and drawn the creature, again using evidence from text. This week they are engaged in making wonderful poetry which is again encouraging them to use their imaginations and also to practise thesaurus work.

There will be a scientific aspect to our explorations, when we dissect an owl pellet after half term and there will be much discussion about the meaning of this book. Other books by the same author are available and you may choose to read one with your child over the holidays and make some comparisons? Asking them about this story, will, in any event, provide some lively conversation over the dinner table.

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