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Year 6 - Monologues, mask making and mime

Whether they are in school or at home, Year 6 can be relied upon to respond enthusiastically to every drama task.Obviously, every activity has to be an individual one and all the group work and paired improvisation that we usually enjoy has had to be shelved for a while. However, this has given us a perfect opportunity to concentrate on monologues, mask making and mime.

This week's warm up involved the children becoming something beginning with 'S'. Can you guess what the three children photographed are? We also tried drawing a circle in the air with one finger and making a cross with a finger on the other hand. It's not easy - have a go!

The children have been set two challenges for the coming weeks. Firstly, a number of monologues have been shared with them and several children will perform these for the class every week. By 'pinning' them to our screens, we are able to see their facial expressions very clearly. They have also been asked to make a mask to reflect a particular emotion. This will be plain white but express an emotion very clearly through the shape of the facial features. They will then prepare a piece of mime to music using this mask that they can perform for the class. I know that they are already practising and can't wait to see what they create.

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