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Year 6 on the Trail of the Tudors

A visit to Sulgrave is always fun and this year was no exception!

I wish you could have seen all the children dressed as Tudor ‘maids’ and ‘fellows’ but the photos will give you a glimpse of just how charming they looked.

Touring the house provided a good understanding of every aspect of Tudor life from the Great Hall and kitchen to the Great Bedchamber, with its high ceiling and beautifully embroidered two poster bed. The expression, ‘Sleep tight!’ referred to the mattress on the bed frame so that with the use of ropes, (crossed in a grid like pattern), they could be pulled tight to appear firmer - thus avoiding the sleeper from falling through the frame, onto the floor!

Laurence Washington, a wool merchant, bought Sulgrave Manor in 1539 and a descendant, John Washington, emigrated to Virginia. He is notable for being the great- grandfather of George Washington who was the first elected President of the United States and the coat of arms, above the main porch, shows the stars and stripes, said to be the inspiration for the American flag.

In the Great Hall is a Tudor fireplace which contains a salt cupboard carved with Laurence Washington’s initials.

The ‘Tudor lunch’ proved popular and later the children tried a dance out in the garden and played ‘navigational’ games, running across the lawns and enjoying the one of the last warm days of summer.

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