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Year 6 prepare for their ESB exams

What is the link between koalas, Russia, Lionel Messi, cricket equipment, Thomas Hardy and the London Underground? These are only some of the wide range of subjects our Year 6 children have chosen to speak about in their presentations for the English Speaking Board exam, which will take place next week. This week has been a whirlwind of activity as Year 6 have sourced interesting props and pictures, researched their subjects and practised their delivery for their presentations.

The ESB is a fantastic opportunity for our children to develop skills which they will use throughout their lives. It is wonderful to see them managing to control their nerves, structure their talks carefully, and modulate the pitch and speed of their speeches so that they really convey their passion and interest in their subject.

Working collaboratively, Year 6 have enjoyed learning about different subjects and have listened carefully to their peers’ presentations - providing thoughtful feedback to each other, and asking a range of questions to draw on the presenter’s deep knowledge of their subject.

It is easy to imagine them in twenty years’ time, confidently imparting their ideas and speaking clearly and concisely to work colleagues and clients. Although perhaps the subject matter may, by then, have moved on from koalas….!

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