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Year 6 - Primary Maths Challenge Bonus Round results and a blog from Oscar

We are pleased to have received the results of the Primary Maths Challenge Bonus Round. 66 500 pupils entered the November Challenge and only 2521 pupils were invited to take part in the Bonus Round in February.

We are pleased that out of the seven children who qualified for the Bonus Round, Millie G achieved a Silver Award (with 685 silver awards nationally); there were 4 Bronze awards for Eddie S, Danica F, Katrina B and Beatrice P (only 710 Bronze awarded). Awards were also presented to Charlie M and Rosie H. Congratulations to all these pupils on a huge achievement. Only 6% of children entering the competition qualify for the Bonus Round.

The children spoke of how interesting, relevant and imaginative the questions were. The challenging range of questions required them to be both determined and resilient. Their conversations have stimulated much discussion in the classroom and our topic on algebra has been extended to exploration and inquiry beyond the primary school curriculum.

Children have investigated the of use algebraic notation to form simple equations, where 𝑥 is a specific unknown value. They have explored, ‘What’s the difference between an expression and an equation?’ ‘What’s the difference between a formula and an equation?’ They have explored equations as a balance and solved them through doing the same thing to each side.

Work next term will focus on Maths in the real world, where they will further explore the relevance of their learning within their school environment.

Take One Picture week: Blog from Oscar S

Take One Picture week is always great and with enthusiastic pupils and teachers alike, you can be sure that every lesson, from Science to English, is full of excitement. Personally, my favourite part is Maths, especially with our perspective drawings and colourful, triangle composed horses. I am certain that you all enjoyed the final results at the exhibition, with brilliant work ranging from Preschool to Year 6, and I hope you were all wowed by the work!

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