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Year 6 produce wonderful optical illusions

Technology has, up to now, been a word I have feared! And, despite much encouragement from our talented ICT technician, Mr Tyler, I have been nervous about incorporating it into my teaching. How things have changed! I remember the trepidation I felt at the thought of planning online lessons and finding my way around Google Classroom. But 12 weeks on, it is technology that has provided a platform for me to teach the children and allowed them to share their art with me and each other. When working from home, the children have been able to use live Google Meetings to chat and share ideas and it has been a wonderful way for me to keep in touch with them. It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and I can honestly say that Technology and I are now friends!

Whilst Year 6 have been back at school, they have had a variety of creative activities to choose from and the optical illusions proved very popular. Harry B, Millie G and Oscar S produced the excellent illusions you see here. I set the pupis the challenge of expressing their ideas about this strange period of lockdown and asked them to consider how the pandemic had affected them. I share with you, Lucy’s artwork and conclude with her own words which are simply beautiful.

“This picture represents my time throughout the lockdown. The tornado is my bad emotions or all the bad things Covid-19 has done. The rainbow is the happy memories, hope and joy for the future. It is outside to represent everyone being outside, keeping fit during lockdown.”

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