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Year 6 return to school refreshed and ready to learn

Year 6 have made an enthusiastic start to the new year, returning to school refreshed and ready to learn. They have enjoyed catching up with friends and sharing experiences and thoughts about coming back. Our aim, as ever, will be to meet the needs of our pupils and realise their potential.

The first few days centred on reflecting on the past achievements. Our children took on many new challenges and hobbies, ranging from swimming in open water, to learning to ride a bike to creating masterpieces in the kitchen! They have enjoyed lots of precious family time, whether at home or away and have been only too aware of how to stay safe during this time.

Looking ahead, the children have shared their understanding of our school’s ASPIRE values and set targets for their learning. Our ‘Learning for life’ programme centred on ‘Being Me In My World’ has focused on how we interact with each other and show kindness. The idea of ‘Paying it forward’ has focused on committing to acts of kindness, without expecting anything in return. When others then do the same, we are all more considerate of each other.

Our ‘Plugging the Gap’ initiative for Maths and English, particularly, aims to identify the needs of our children in this new term. A period of ‘Pre- learning’ will help all children to review the prerequisite skills crucial to new learning in maths. Similarly, a focus on comprehension tasks aims to develop fluency, to analyse grammar, as well as hone their inference and deduction.

The children have very quickly adapted to school life and are relishing lost time with friends. They have engaged in discussion, debate and dialogue. They have clear targets and identified steps in their learning as they look forward to the new school year.

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