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Year 6 - Support others in need

The importance of having dreams and goals have been discussed around the school this term in Learning for Life lessons. Our Year 6 pupils have considered their strengths and achievements and some of the dreams and goals they have for the future. They discovered that it was useful to break a goal down into steps in order to give themselves the best chance of achieving it.

They went on to consider people around the world who may be in completely different, sometimes extremely challenging, circumstances to our own. And despite their difficult situations, those people will similarly have their own dreams and goals. They discussed how it is important to show empathy and, when we can, support some of those people in less fortunate circumstances to our own.

So they were tasked with designing, planning and promoting a fundraising event, which would aim to do just that. Hopefully, some of their great ideas and plans can be put into practice, when our situation allows it.

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