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Year 6 take inspiration from the Tudors in art and DT

Year 6 art - Pen and ink portraits

Year 6 pupils have been focusing on Tudor portraiture this term. They were inspired by the incredible detail achieved on a miniature scale by Tudor artist, Nicholas Hilliard and they produced excellent little portraits in his style. This week, the children have been experimenting with pen and ink and learning how to show tone and texture through their mark making. They worked on larger portraits of Henry VIII or one of his wives, using pen and ink to represent the feathers, hair, brocade or lace of the costumes.

Year 6 DT - Tudor shoes

Tudor footwear has inspired the design of Year 6’s shoe designs. The pupils are all working with precision to make their felt slippers in DT. They have been developing their sewing knowledge by using a range of stitches from running stitch to chain stitch to decorate the upper of their slippers. They have also been working on finessing their stitches, by ensuring they are evenly spaced and consistent in length.

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