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Year 1 have been 'rapping' number bonds

Year 1 have been 'rapping' number bonds

Poetry has featured greatly in our lessons this week, not just in English but also in our Maths lessons where we have been ‘rapping’ about number bonds to 10 and ‘teen numbers.’ Ask your child to ‘rap’ for you - they might not be able to keep still whilst they do this!

In English the children walked round the school on a ‘Listening Walk’ and upon returning to the classroom recorded some of the sounds they had heard. Using a traditional poem format, the children created their own.

'I can hear the leaves rustling, the trees swishing and swashing.

The watches and the clocks tick tocking.’


'I can hear balls bouncing,

Leaves blowing around,

I can hear people talking,

Lots of noise.'

At home your child should be encouraged to practise their set poem, speaking out loudly, clearly and with good expression. Thank you.

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