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Year 3 children study adventure stories

Year 3 children study adventure stories

Year 3 RW

This week, Year 3 has started looking at adventure stories and studied Gorilla and The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. Despite each book being relatively short with only small snippets of text on each page, the stories (along with Browne's intriguing illustrations) captured the imaginations of the pupils. The emotive, endearing material helped the children share in some of the thoughts and feelings that the characters were going through, especially those based on shared anxieties that affect many of us in day to day life.

In Maths, the children have been battling with fractions once more! Recognising fractions of objects, understanding equivalent fractions and finding fractions of groups have all been on the agenda. It would be really helpful if you could support this learning at home, whether it be through cutting up pizzas and cake, sharing out toy cars or colouring pencils with siblings or even using coloured marbles in a bag or a deck of cards to begin exploring probability.

The words for the Easter play, 'Let down by Rapunzel', have now been given out and it would be incredibly helpful if these could be practised and learnt as soon as possible. The production will spring up very quickly after half term so it is key that lines are learnt early so that the acting and performance skills can be worked on. The children also have sheets with the words to the songs and grown ups should be aware that it is compulsory to learn 'Holding out for a Hero' by Bonnie Tyler along with your children. There are many karaoke versions available on youtube to aid practice.

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