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Year 6 children sketch animal bones

Year 6 children sketch animal bones


Design Technology this term has been inspired by our Take One Picture 2016 choice. However, as the actual picture is still TOP SECRET and cannot be revealed, all that can be shared with you is that animals play a major role in the composition and have thus been our guiding theme! Without spoiling the surprise element, for the last two lessons children have been handling and sketching a variety of animal skulls native to the United Kingdom, and have been using their powers of deduction and forensics to correctly identify their chosen piece. They have also been discovering a little about the amazing American artist Georgia O’Keeffe, who dedicated a lifetime to drawing and painting her beloved prairie landscapes and natural forms such as bones, skulls and flowers.

The children have so far produced some fabulous sketches and despite a few initial reactions of disbelief at handling bones, have shown huge enthusiasm and curiosity to discover more. A trip to Tring Zoological Museum or the Natural History Museum in Oxford would therefore be a perfect follow up!

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