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Year 1 do some problem solving

Year 1 do some problem solving

Year 1

On Friday morning we had a visit from Tim, an instructor from the Problem Solving Company. The children had lots of fun; previous knowledge of 2d shapes was reinforced and then Tim introduced them to parallelograms and their properties and then using their hands in an L shape they had to form right angles. Next, the children worked co-operatively in small groups. Their task was to create specific pictures by manipulating the 2d shapes. They had to look closely at the pictures made up from triangles, squares and rectangles and to position these shapes correctly. Trickier than it sounds but the children focused well, discussed between themselves what shape was needed where and all succeeded in producing a number of pictures, even going on to make their own.

At home it would be lovely for us if you would encourage your child to learn their lines for the Celebration Assembly which is fast approaching.
We would also like to wish you and the children a happy and restful half term. We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 22 February.

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