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Year 3 enjoy great day out at Warwick Castle

Year 3 enjoy great day out at Warwick Castle


This week, Year 3 had the pleasure of visiting Warwick Castle. Our day started with a Science based talk looking at the role of forces on the medieval battlefield. Will R was asked to attack the instructor's shield with a huge sword in order to demonstrate push and Dan W was shot with an imaginary arrow after learning about how the pull of the bow prepares the weapon. Having learnt about how the Trebuchet works, the children then looked at how aerodynamics were key to any projectile. Everyone was then armed with a piece of paper and asked to make an effective projectile to throw at Miss Njeim.

After a brisk tour of the castle grounds to see the Trebuchet, birds of prey and Time Tower tour, the children were then treated to an Attack and Defence talk which walked them through the journey of an attacking army. Having considered the difficulties with negotiating the high walls and sewage filled ditch outside the castle, the children were herded into the space between the castle's two portcullis doors and shown the murder holes through which a barrage of arrows, hot sand and other unpleasant substances would have poured. By the time the time the talk had finished just inside the castle grounds, the children could clearly relate to the physical and mental demands of medieval conflict.

'It was magnificent' - Fraser
'The stairs to Guy's tower very terrifying' - Josie
'Better than breaktime' - Olivia

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