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It's nearly Take One Picture time again

It's nearly Take One Picture time again

Take One Picture Week 2016
Monday 29 Feb - Friday 4 March

It’s nearly Take One Picture time again! It doesn’t seem long ago that we were all submerged in the botanical world of Marianne North and what a stimulating week that was for all of us, resulting in such a vibrant exhibition, enjoyed by so many. This year, Take One Picture falls in the same week as Book Week, where the theme is traditional tales. Our painting choice this year, therefore, has a famous story at its centre: the myth of Orpheus, who had the power to enchant with his music, not only all living creatures, but also the trees and the rocks.

Our painting is ‘Orpheus,’ painted by the Flemish artist, Roelandt Savery in1628. Orpheus plays his lyre (or, in this painting, a violin) and charms and calms the animals, who flock to hear his song. The animals around him include lions, a pelican, an ostrich and a buffalo, and at the right an elephant, a camel and parrots. I feel sure this painting will inspire the children greatly across the curriculum and the teachers have been busy planning some exciting activities for the week.


You can see this painting for yourselves at the National Gallery in room 17a and then come along to the exhibition in the school hall on Friday 11 March to enjoy and celebrate the wonderful work the children have produced.

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