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Year 3 children look at light sources in science

Year 3 children look at light sources in science

The focus for science this week was light sources. The children were asked to think about where we get light from. They were able to come up with a very long list! The children then had to sort the sources according to whether they were natural or man-made. The purpose of this activity was to get the children thinking about light and that it can be found in lots of places and varying forms.

To support this work at home you could be talking about light sources and using the terms natural and man made or artificial.

Next week the children will be learning about the sun and how important it is as a source of light. This will lead on to thinking about the dangers of looking at the sun. Let's hope that we will still have lots of sun next week to help us with our work!

In topic the children have been using maps, locating Europe on a world map and then focussing on the countries within Europe, particularly Greece, as Ancient Greece is our topic. If you are planning any visits or have been on any during the Easter holidays it would be great (if you haven't done so already) if you could look on a map with the children to locate the area you have visited.

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