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Year 3 excavate some strange artefacts

Year 3 excavate some strange artefacts

This week, Year 3 have enjoyed experiencing what it's like to be archaeologists! The children had to carefully excavate some strange artefacts from the long jump pit and work out what each object told them about the person who lost it. In groups, the children then tried to find links between the different objects and match them to one of three different possible owners. You may wish to have a go yourself! The objects were: 2 bracelets, a baby's book, a swimming dive stick, a chocolate biscuit, a history book, some playing cards, a mobile phone, a pink shoelace, a travel brochure, a toddler's sock, a Lego man and a trumpet mouthpiece!

In Science, the children enjoyed finding out all about the Sun. There were some fantastic questions from the children including 'why do we have seasons?' and 'why do we have leap years?' and their research led them to find that the Sun is actually incredibly large compared to the other planets, accounting for almost 99% of the mass in the solar system!

In singing, the children continued their work on Don't Stop Believing and learnt various breathing techniques to make sure they had lots of air in their lungs for the extended passages. Once breathing proficiently, the pupils then thought about how to time breaths effectively. You may wish to ask your children to demonstrate these techniques and activities to you at home - just ask them about 'how' breathing and 'the darts player'...

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