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Year 5 reflect on a great trip to Ironbridge

Year 5 reflect on a great trip to Ironbridge

Year 5 had an action packed 3 days at Ironbridge. We visited the Ironbridge itself, as well as several local landmarks and museums, including the Jackfield Tile Museum for the first time. We all went on a ‘Treasure Hunt’ on the first evening, although this soon became a very refreshing circular walk as we lost track of the rather muddled clues! The children returned tired, but full of enthusiasm for the trip - some of their testimonials follow:

The Ironbridge
One of the first things we did was walk across the bridge. Up there we had a great view of the River Severn. It was amazing how detailed the Ironbridge was. Most people felt a little bit scared on the bridge because of how long it had been there but we knew it was safe because it would have fallen down by now if it was not strong enough!
Imogen 5AB

The Youth Hostel
I really enjoyed our stay because the beds were lovely and crisp. Also, the food was amazing and I would recommend it to all of the children who will go next year!
Harvey 5AB
I would compare the Youth Hostel to a Premier Inn. The meals were good quality and the facilities were clean, except that some bathrooms didn’t have soap.
Abby 5AB

Coalport China Museum
I liked the China museum because you could go in the old kiln and could see what the Victorians had made. It was called China because the pottery was originally made in China.

My favourite part of the China museum was when the lady told us how the Victorians made the decorations to go the plates and cups. They made it by doing a drawing to fit on a mug, or plate, and rubbed it into the pottery by having a very steady hand on a machine that had a handle.
Joss 5KC

Jackport Tile Museum
I loved the Tile museum because all of the tiles were very creative and imaginative, it made me just want stare at them for hours as the patterns on the tile were spectacular. It couldn’t have been any better - it was fantastic!
Ryan 5KC

In Enginuity there were lots of things to do, like playing with a robotic arm that could play music and build the Eiffel Tower or the Ironbridge! There was also a water activity that you could do, flooding a section of land by using dams. You could also use the archimedes screw to charge a water cannon (that was not dangerous!) It was great fun and we learnt a lot.
Dominic 5SR

Blists Hill
On the last day at Ironbridge, we went to a Victorian Village at Blists Hill. For five pounds we were given Victorian money which included: pennies, halfpennies, farthings one sixpence and one thruppence. At everyone’s favourite shop (the Sweet Shop) you could get 200g of sweets for only one penny and a halfpenny! There was also a fair which had two rides but lots of games which you could win prizes in.
Caitlin 5SR

Blists Hill on Day 3

Day 1 On the Ironbridge

Sketching the BridgeSketching the bridge (right)

Blists Hill School (below)

Blists Hill School

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