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Year 3 explore the life cycle of turtles in St Lucia

Year 3 explore the life cycle of turtles in St Lucia

Mrs Kemp has now heard all of the Year 3 children recite their poems. The children’s recall and interpretation was very impressive and we were all proud of their confident delivery. Mentoring has also been progressing well and the children and teachers have set individual Maths, English and personal targets.

In our topic work we have started to think about how people have affected the environment in St Lucia. We have gathered information about turtles and looked at their life cycle. The children were amazed that turtles can live to over 100 years and that they always return to the beach where they were born to lay eggs - even if they have to travel huge distances. We discussed how “tourists” need to be very careful when observing them and dispose of their rubbish carefully as plastic bags can be mistaken for jellyfish!

In ICT we have been using Chartgo to create bar graphs, taking care to label the axes clearly. We plan to use the program to present information about the nutritional content of our breakfasts. It would be helpful if the children could bring in empty cereal boxes so that we can gather the data.

Please could parents ensure that the children know the words for our Christmas production - we are hoping to start script-free rehearsals next week!

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