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Creativity in the Curriculum

Creativity in the Curriculum

It has been a joy to welcome new friends to our Preschool family this term and they have settled in really well. This week. Preschool children have embarked on a delightful journey inspired by "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Through engaging activities, our preschoolers have sorted foods into different groups, discovering the importance of balanced nutrition and went on to discuss our favourite foods.

In the Reception art corner, vibrant bursts of creativity unfolded as the children crafted imaginative fire engines using a medley of different media. This hands-on experience not only honed their artistic skills but also allowed them to visualise and appreciate the important role of emergency services.

Last week, creativity in the curriculum took a delightful turn in Year 1, with the introduction of Beegu, a friendly alien who crash-landed at Gateway School. To set the stage, a breaking news story unfolded, announcing the arrival of a spaceship on the school grounds. The children embarked on a field exploration, searching for clues to unravel the story of Beegu. This sparked creativity and critical thinking as the children pieced together the narrative of their extraterrestrial visitor.

In Year 2 the children delved into the world of recounts by examining key features and crafting their own recounts about Christmas. Using a colour-coding system, they identified and marked the essential features, gaining a clear understanding of what they included. Moving forward, the creative journey continues as they embark on non-chronological report writing.

In their journey through Ancient Greece, Year 3 have delved into captivating tales that not only transport to another time but also ignite the flames of creativity within the curriculum. By exploring the rich culture and stories of Ancient Greece, they have discovered narratives that challenge perspectives and stimulate creative thinking.

In Year 4 Drama, our young actors and actresses have been exploring the world of newspaper headlines through the art of improvisation. This approach not only enhances their dramatic skills but also encourages quick thinking and creativity. Watching our Year 4 children bring headlines to life has been both entertaining and enlightening – a testament to their brilliant imaginations.

Creativity is flourishing in Year 5 as the children have delved into the Stone Age and the new topic has ignited a spark of curiosity. The children have brought in books from home, sharing intriguing facts with their teachers. They also took on the role of researchers, compiling a dictionary of historical terms related to the Stone Age as well as uncovering how archaeologists use Earth's layers to date artefacts.

In Maths, our Year 6 have been exploring innovative strategies for performing calculations with decimals. Last week, they embraced a hands-on approach by working in groups to tackle fun decimal challenges. These activities not only encouraged lively discussions on the best problem-solving approaches but also allowed the children to apply their mathematical skills in a dynamic and engaging way. The friendly competition between groups added an extra layer of excitement to the learning process.

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