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Developing Individuals

Developing Individuals

Through interactive learning in Preschool this week, the children are gaining confidence in expressing their thoughts and ideas by exploring their favourite foods and creating their own snacks. This has also linked into Maths, through engaging activities and games, the children are working on recognising numbers up to 5. Counting objects has become a great adventure, as they master the skill of matching numbers with the correct quantity.

Our Reception class has been bustling with aspiring doctors and nurses this week! The role play area has transformed into a doctor's surgery, providing the perfect backdrop for the children to step into the shoes of healthcare professionals. This immersive experience goes beyond play, fostering a sense of empathy and instilling an early understanding of the value of healthcare in our community.

In Year 1, our young minds have embarked on an exciting journey of recycling! The children have been actively engaged in learning about the profound impact landfills have on our environment. They learnt how the simple plastic bag can take anywhere between 10 and 20 years to decompose. They embraced the outdoors for a hands-on material hunt, sorting materials and discovering the world around them.

For Year 2, the children have been actively involved in hands-on activities by engaging in a comprehensive exploration of 2-D and 3-D shapes. Starting with fact files on 2-D shapes, they progressed to understanding lines of symmetry, identifying both vertical and horizontal symmetries. Taking their learning further, they honed their skills in completing shapes based on a given half. This involved using rulers and tracing paper to enhance accuracy.

The Ancient Greek stories have proven to be more than just historical anecdotes this week for Year 3, but have served as powerful tools for developing individuals. The children have recognised the inherent morals embedded within the Ancient Greek stories. Many Ancient Greek stories lack a pleasant ending, encouraging the children to reflect on the complexities of human nature and the moral ambiguity that shapes our understanding of right and wrong.

In Year 4, the Science curriculum has been buzzing with excitement as the children have immersed themselves in the wonders of the rainforest. The focus has been on classifying animals into various groups, fostering not only their scientific knowledge but also encouraging independent thinking. This hands-on approach has helped each child to develop a deeper understanding of the diverse ecosystems and the unique characteristics of rainforest inhabitants.

Creativity is flourishing in Year 5 as our pupils delve into the Stone Age with boundless enthusiasm. The classrooms are buzzing with excitement as the children bring in books from home, sharing intriguing facts with their teachers. Our Stone Age topic has ignited a spark of curiosity, and the children are embracing the opportunity to explore this fascinating period.

English lessons have taken a creative turn for Year 6 as they have embarked on designing their own trainers. This project is a precursor to a non-chronological report they will be working on next week. Beyond honing their writing skills, this activity aims to nurture individual expression and imagination. We look forward to witnessing the unique designs and stories that will emerge.

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