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Eco-Council - update on plastic reduction initiatives

Eco-Council - update on plastic reduction initiatives

Gateway School Eco-Council have been working away on proposals to reduce single use plastics and are really pleased that their initiative on plastics has been discussed by the whole school with the recommendations below.

In order to reduce contributions to waste plastic in the sea, the school has decided to only allow the wearing and playing of loom bands on a Friday. The Eco-Council would also like children to think of other natural materials that they can use to make attractive and wearable bands.

The group would like to encourage all pupils, wherever possible, to bring water to school in reusable water bottles.

In addition the teachers will reduce their use of single use laminated plastic wallets.

Our budding group of eco-warriors hope that you can support our pupils as they think of more ways in which they can reduce our impact on the environment.

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