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Election Fever

Election Fever

vote+crossElection fever spread through the school yesterday with a couple of special assemblies, led by Mr Grosse and Year 6. Each Year 6 class was asked to come up with ideas for how to spend £300 that would benefit every child at the school. These ideas were then presented to the school, with each child voting on their favourite idea. Ideas ranged from a school pet, through playground ideas to classroom resources.

Mr Grosse talked about the election process and why we vote, although the depth of knowledge shown by the children was so exceptional that they could have done it for him!

Year 6 put in a great deal of effort to the task and staff were really impressed with how seriously the children took it. Costings were done, research was undertaken and PowerPoint presentations were put together, mostly in their own time. The children who presented in assembly were amazing, with a couple of them even mimicking the hand gestures and phrases of our leading politicians! Careers in Parliament might well be the future for some.

At polling time, a 97% turnout returned the following results:

RG (Wow/worry boxes) - 3rd place

AB (Benches for outside play at breaktimes and lesson time) - 2nd place

RI (School Pet - tortoise) - 1st place

An overwhelming victory for RI tutor group.

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