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EYU children have a go at Pilates

EYU children have a go at Pilates

Tick tock, tick tock! What's the time on the clock? The children have been making clocks and showing o'clock and half past times. Sebby excitedly told the class about the tadpoles he is looking after, in his pond at home. The children have been exploring life cycles. Sebby observed, "Tadpoles are black and have a tail but frogs are green and have hoppy leggy!" The children crawled around the classroom as caterpillars, eating everything in sight, then wrapped each other up in toilet roll to recreate a cocoon and transformed into beautiful butterflies. The children have continued to mobilise their joints and strengthen their core during the weekly Pilates session. Max was fantastic at the full Pilates Plank!

The Wednesday morning children are very excited that Mrs Barnetson-Mott will be using her wonderful talents and starting a new cookery session which the children will join in with every other week. Cheesecakes are on the menu for next Wednesday!

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