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EYU children have a visit from a Vet

EYU children have a visit from a Vet

EYU vetThe EYU Veterinary Practice opened for business on Monday. The children completed a superb training session from Ms McLoughlin, Ashley's mummy, who is a local vet. Ms McLoughlin brought in a rabbit called Rupert and a tortoise called Houdini. The children learnt how to care for the animals, carry out check ups and what to do when an animal is poorly. The children took all the information on board and transferred this knowledge into their play. Our Veterinary Practice has been a popular area of play this week! The children have taken on many different roles including the Vet, the Receptionist, customers, poorly animals and we even had a triage nurse in the waiting area. The children asked lots of questions about what happened to the animal, thought carefully about the advice they were giving, filled out Health forms on their clipboards and worked together to give the animals the very best treatment using plasters, bandages and sometimes just a bit of TLC!

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