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EYU children have fun making 'traffic light jelly'

EYU children have fun making 'traffic light jelly'

EYU jelly
EYU enjoyed sharing their snowman building adventures at the start of the week leading to the exploration of melting and freezing. Following on from our 'Road Safety' week, the children made traffic light jelly using vegetarian raspberry(red), mango (orange) and banana (green) jelly. The children learned about dissolving, temperature change, solids and liquids. In Maths, we investigated positional language using Tim Peakes as inspiration. Sahil said, "Tim is in between the solar panels." Sebastian said, "He is walking on the space station!" Sophie said, "He is in the International Space Station!" We also practised counting back from 20. Bella brought in a fantastic board game that helped us add and take away. The children used the tuff spot to investigate magnetism. Freddie said, "The magnet picks up the baking tray and the paper clips because they are metal. It can't pick up the plastic cups or wooden spoon!"

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