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EYU children role play 'Bonfire Night'

EYU children role play 'Bonfire Night'

fireworks-1Remember, Remember, the fifth of November! This week the children put on their hats, scarves and gloves and trudged down to the school field for some 'Bonfire Night' role play. The children gathered together bundles of leaves, making a huge bonfire. Some children pretended to be mummies and daddies and gave some excellent safety advice to their 'children'. Elsie said, "Alexander, you must stand back from the bonfire and never touch the end of the sparkler. It is very very hot!" Using paintbrushes dipped in glitter, the children created patterns and wrote their names with their 'sparklers'. With a wizz and a pop, the children turned into fireworks. They each collected a musical instrument and zoomed around the field making banging, whizzing, fizzing, crackling and shooting sounds. Have a safe bonfire weekend!

Watch a short video of EYU's role play:

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