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EYU develop a passion for numbers

EYU develop a passion for numbers

Planting sunflowers last week has turned into a mathematical exploration of numbers and patterns in Nursery.The children have been developing a passion for numbers as they have been introduced to the famous Fibonacci sequence, in a fun playful approach. They listened attentively to the story of Mr Fibonacci and how he used pine cones to practise counting....1,1,2,3,5,8, etc. Although the children didn't understand the pattern, they used natural materials to explore number bonds to 5. Lots of fun and enjoyment was had as they began to understand the pattern by moving sticks and stones, creating number sums where the total was always 5! Some children took it upon themselves to write numbers using chalk on the paving slabs, whilst the younger children were being '5 little monkeys' jumping up and down!

The children have been taking it in turns to water the sunflowers, eagerly anticipating their growth and waiting to see the Fibonacci pattern come to life!

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