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EYU make lovely vegetable soup

EYU make lovely vegetable soup

soup tasting

This week we have continued our Harvest theme. Using the vegetables the children brought in from home we were able to make some lovely vegetable soup. We looked carefully at the different vegetables and talked about their colour and shape. Lewis and Alexander enjoyed telling us how they went to a farm to dig up their carrots for the soup and told us about all the other fruits and vegetables they picked too. The children helped to cut the vegetables up, it was very hard but they managed it! The soup then went on to boil and was liquidised for us so we could not see the lumps. Many of the children commented that the soup did not look like the vegetables that first went into the saucepan. We were then able to taste the soup, we even dipped a breadstick into the soup, it was yummy! All the children tried the soup, some finishing their portion and Dillon, Harry and Felix asking for more!! We even took our soup on a journey around the school with Mrs La Farge, Miss McCarthy and Mr Taylor, the school chef, having a taste.

Next week we will be finishing our Harvest topic with bread making, exploring the changes that happen when yeast is added to the mixture.

At home your child may like to help you to prepare dinner one evening or enjoy a cooking activity. You could even cook a vegetable you have not tried before to see what it tastes like.

Finally a small request, if you have borrowed spare clothes please could you make sure they are returned. If you have any spare clothes your children have grown out of and you would be happy to donate them, we would be very grateful.

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