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Future skills - Year 6 Blog

Future skills - Year 6 Blog

After Year 6’s visit to the Houses of Parliament the children reflected upon how their Future Skills lessons helped them learn about our system of democracy and our core British Values. We’re very proud to share a blog written by Rufus and Darcey and edited by Annabelle (all in Year 6).

Future Skills-Year 6

As part of the unique enrichment program at Gateway School, children in Year 6 have been presented with the opportunity to take part in Future Skills lessons, where they are helped to understand the British Values, Democracy and other important information on how Britain is run, which bodes for enthusing class debates and discussions. It is important we all know that our country is run fairly, and that we realise how privileged we are to live where there are opportunities for everyone.

On Thursday 31st March, all of the Year 6 students were taken to the centre of London, specifically to visit and learn more about the Houses of Parliament. Pupils went on a tour around parliament in which both the House of Lords and the House of Commons chambers were visited. Live debates were heard, and we gained lots more new knowledge about the fascinating history of Parliament. As well as this, we became aware of the challenges of politics, but also the rewards that come from working hard. We all really got to see what life is like in Parliament, and how it all works.

We were also privileged to meet Sarah Green the MP for Chesham/Amersham which is our school constituency. We asked her lots of questions about being an MP and the steps you have to take to be one. Sarah told us that being an MP is really rewarding, but you have to be resilient and stay focused. She also said that it took lots of steps and effort to build a strong campaign and be elected as an MP. She really inspired lots of students and we are pleased she found time to talk to us with her busy schedule.

Thank you to everyone who helped organise this great trip!

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