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Harvest Festival Assembly

Harvest Festival Assembly

On Thursday morning all children enjoyed hearing from Reverend Rosie as we reflected on how fortunate we are in our Harvest Festival Assembly. All classes, thanks to the tremendous generosity of the parents, were able to provide an excellent amount of food as donations to the Chesham Foodbank.

During the senior assembly Rosie told the children about her trips to India. She explained how important crops are to people there and that they are so weather-dependent on receiving enough rain to produce the rice crops that is the staple of their diet. Rosie also implored the children to consider the food they eat and to take an interest in how it is produced, given the circumstances that many Indian farmers are finding themselves in as they lose their land to big businesses. She explained that by taking an interest, and not being greedy, our children could make a difference to the lives of people thousands of miles away.

However, for many children, and staff, the highlight was when Rosie explained how visitors are welcomed into a home in India and presented with gifts, she showed us the beautiful necklace and cloak she was adorned with on her last visit – which Miss Elcomb was chosen to model for us!

After break the food was loaded onto the minibus and taken to the Chesham Foodbank by Mr Phil, Mr Creasy and 3 Year 6 children. On arrival we required extra help to unload the boxes and they were so grateful to us! They explained how this would make such a difference to the lives of people in the local and surrounding area.

A huge thank you to all children and parents on behalf of the school and the Chesham Foodbank.

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