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House Poetry

Once again, Mrs La Farge, Mr Grosse, the other Mrs Kemp and I have had a really enjoyable week listening to the children from across the school presenting their poems. There have been some very confident and engaging performances, demonstrating lovely expression, varied tone and super diction. I was hugely impressed by the children in year 2 who had learnt an extract from ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. They entertained by including delightful actions in their performances. I loved watching them ‘fizz’ like ‘a can of coke’. At the other end of the school, the year five children had all chosen from a range of African animal poems which linked to their ‘African Traditional Tales’ topic in English. Their confident, impressive performances of some tricky poems left me breathless.

I was very proud of all the children. Public speaking is a life skill which many do not find easy but they rose to the challenge, overcame their nerves and enjoyed the experience.
Special mention to the following children who gave memorable, confident performances -

Rec-Lottie G, William M, Annabelle B, Harriet G

Yr 1-Claire S, Mariam A, Nathan M, Mabel L

Yr 2-Sahil T, Sophie W, Ashley H, Hadleigh S, Freddie G, Noah

Yr 3-Theo D, Emily S, George L, Ben S, Annie R, Rufus H, Liam M, Darcey M

Yr 4-Coral B, Sam P, Cameron E, Felix C, Cally W, Macey B

Yr 5-Katrina B, Oscar S, Charlotte G, Sam R, Chloe K, Danica F, Keya T, Charlie M

Yr 6-Sophia H, Josie R, Luke C, Will F, Isla M, Emily B, Talia D, Kirsten H, Beth T, Will F

House winner: Seacole were the winners again this year beating Jenner into second place by 55 points.

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