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House Poetry

House Poetry

Weeks commencing 16 and 23 November

Verse speaking has long been a tradition at Gateway and we continue to believe in the value that this brings to developing memory, confidence and self esteem. Speaking and Listening is an important element of the English curriculum as well as a vital life skill. Each child will bring home a poem before the October half term. Please help them to learn it and encourage them to speak slowly and in a loud voice using plenty of expression when presenting it. For those who are new to Gateway, please don’t let your child worry about this. The presentations are handled in a relaxed and age appropriate manner to ensure that all can feel successful.

This clip from Michael Rosen is useful.

Top tips for performing. There are lots of video clips on YouTube of Michael Rosen presenting his work which might inspire the children.

No Breathing in Class is a favourite of mine -

(Most suitable for year 2 and above.)

The children love Chocolate Cake -

Thank you for your support

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