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House Swimming Gala

House Swimming Gala

On Thursday 25 June, Years 4, 5 and 6 went to Chesham pool to participate in the House Swimming Gala.

The House gala is meant to be a fun experience although competitive in nature, where all pupils participate and support their houses by giving their best whether they are strong or weak swimmers. This year was no different.

The day started well with a great turn out of parents to spectate the Year 4 session. All participants in each year group swam both a 25m front crawl and backstroke race and finished with a freestyle relay in teams of 6, 7 or 8.

There were some truly courageous performances especially from those who do not find swimming easy. Cameron W swam most of the way by himself but still had a wonderful smile at the finish. In race 2 Sophie M came 2nd having only just mastered a length without any aids 2 weeks before. There were some excellent races with good times from the faster swimmers too. A photo finishes should really have been used for Finn C and Matilda B in the backstroke where they were given equal points.

All the Year 4 races were closely fought with only a few points between the houses by the end of the backstroke races. With relays counting double points Jenner managed to take the lead beating Brunel by only 3 points.

Result Year 4 -- 1st Jenner 2nd Brunel 3rd Barnardo 4th Seacole

The Year 5 races seemed more exciting as there were not so many absent in year 5 so most races had four competitors. Seacole took an early lead but Barnardo and Brunel were hot on their heels throughout the front and back stroke races. Brunel won the 1st relay leaving the top position up for grabs between Barnardo and Seacole. Seacole were just pipped at the post at the last minute by Barnardo winning the last relay race giving them a victory by just 1 point.

Result Year 5 -- 1st Barnardo 2nd Seacole 3rd Brunel 4th Jenner

When Year 4 results were added to Year 5 results it was clear that it could still be any of the 4 houses to win the cup. It was all down to the year 6 competition!

The Year 6 children competing, not only raced with determination but they were supportive of others whether in their house or not. This was really good to see.

The lead changed between Brunel and Jenner throughout front crawl races. The last 3 races in the front crawl section were nail biting with all four houses so close to each other. Chantel O managed to hold her lead over Jessica C closely followed by Sophie A and India K.

By the end of this section, however, Jenner was in the lead by just 2 points.

The back crawl races began with great determination and Jenner holding onto their lead. But Brunel was consistent, coming 2nd if not 1st in most of their races. At the end of the individual races Jenner were still in the lead but by only 1 point. All was to play for in the Relay races where double points were on offer.

Brunel took the opportunity and won the first relay, with Jenner coming 3rd. At the time we thought that Brunel had in fact broken the school record. However after the gala had finished we realised that the number of racers in this event was less than in 2012 owing to absentees this year. Therefore we cannot compare these and thus not accept it as a record.

The final relay was in fact the other way around with Jenner coming 1st and Brunel 3rd giving Jenner the win of the year 6 section by 1 point! Barnardo and Seacole were also neck and neck but Barnardo just finished ahead by a few points.

Result Year 6 -- 1st Jenner 2nd Brunel 3rd Barnardo 4th Seacole

The Overall Result with all years totalled together.

1st Brunel 2nd Barnardo 3rd Jenner 4th Seacole

Congratulations to all pupils for a superbly fought gala full of fun, excitement and effort. You should all be proud of your achievements especially those who find swimming difficult but persevere no matter what all the way to the finish. Thank you for making it a great day.

Thanks too to all parents, swimming staff and school teachers for their support and help throughout.

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