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ISA London North U11 Tag Rugby - 24 February 2017

ISA London North U11 Tag Rugby - 24 February 2017

Six teams competed in the first ever London North Tag Rugby tournament.


Zahraa B, Matilda B, Adam Y, Jayme H, Felix P, Noah L, Jemma T, Abi H, Joss K, Ollie L

This an exciting opportunity for the girls and boys to play together in a competitive tournament and everyone was excited for the first London North U11 tag competition. In the first game it was clear that we were struggling with some of the rules, especially in our defensive game. We gave a number of penalties away, but the speed we had amongst our players was enough to overcome the weaknesses we had in defence. As we progressed through the tournament our defence improved and we gave fewer penalties away. Moments of great passing from Noah, Adam and Jayme meant we opened up space in the opponent's defence and allowed others like Ollie and Abi to use their speed and quick decision making to attack the space. In the last game our enthusiasm was still high and we knew there was a chance for a place in the final but Avon House A were a strong side showing many of the qualities we had in our team. A close game but it was Avon House that would be victorious. A quick lesson with Mr Hill and we were in the final against Avon House again.

Avon House B5-3WonZahraa (1), Ollie (3), Adam (1)
Howe Green B4-1WonNoah (1), Jayme (1), Abi (2), Ollie (1)
Kings House6-1WonJoss (2), Ollie (2), Abi (1), Noah (1)
Howe Green A6-3WonJayme (1), Ollie (2), Matilda (1), Joss (2)
Avon House A5-4LostJemma (1), Noah (1), Joss (1), Jayme (1)

The final started with each side showing a strong attack and neither side being able to defend against the other. It was literally an end to end game with one team scoring then the other. At full time it was 5-5 with both teams showing a fantastic attacking strategy. Rock, paper, scissors decided who would start the golden try time. Adam Y was successful after 4 drawn attempts and it was Jayme to break through the defence to score the final try and lead Gateway to winning the first U11 London North Tag Rugby competition. Medals all round and another trophy on Mrs La Farge’s desk.

Well done to all of the squad for a great tournament.


Avon House A



Jayme (2), Ollie (1), Joss (3)

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