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Year 1 learning how to write about events

Year 1 learning how to write about events

This week

Year 1 has been learning how to write a recount of an event. We have been learning how to use time conjunctions such as ‘first’, ‘next’ and ‘then’, to help join our sentences together.

First we had an adventure on the field, we dug in the sand to find treasure, then we built a stick house for Jigsaw Jack, next we crawled through tunnels and climbed the climbing wall. After that we made words with magnetic letters in the outdoor classroom. Finally we had a treasure hunt to find golden coins.

Next week

We will be going to The Outlook at Bracknell. The children will change at school and will wear their school tracksuit and trainers. They will need a disposable lunch and water bottle in a named carrier bag. (No lunch boxes please.) Please ensure your child has a waterproof coat.

At home

You might like to talk about your day emphasising the time conjunctions you use.

Message from Head of Foundation and KS1

We are very pleased to see how well the children have settled back into the routines of school. It has been wonderful how the new children have been welcomed into the ‘Gateway family’. We have had two lovely class assemblies, presented by Miss Mac’s and Mrs Outten’s classes. There was a superb range of achievements in the Junior “My Best” assembly.

In the mornings please let the children enter the classroom independently and unpack their own belongings, this helps them feel confident in their own abilities. Care rooms are open from 8-8,.30am. Children should not go to their classrooms before this time. Please remember that only nursery children should be taken to their classroom by parents.

Forest Friday activities have started, please ensure your child has their wellington boots and red waterproofs in school. Current year 3 children can collect their wellingtons from the top shelf of the rack on the patio if they wish to take them home.

Spellings for years 1 and 2 start this week, there are 4 lines to fill in on each sheet, some children may find it easier to learn them one at a time, or to copy them out more than 4 times. Please let us know if you have any concerns.

Parent consultations to meet the teacher are next week on the 23rd and 25th of September.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Kemp

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